Marvin is a beaver and a good friend of Mittens.
Marvin the otter


Marvin was born on January 1st. He grew up with Tuna, his owner. Throughout his life, he has attained many charictaristics. But he has loved partying since he was an infant. Dances, gatherings, any type of party, he's there. In Jun 2012, he decided to check out Tuna's computer to see what websites she liked to go on. He found wikia, and wanted to try out chat. Tuna ignored Marvin's behaivior at first but then came to realize that Marvin had made friends there. She decided to let Marvin go on chat frequently. One of the friends he met was Mittens, a fun loving cat. Marvin attended Crimson Acadamy for Beavers and graduated from Beaver College in 2012. He now has a job as a partier. He is looking to become a professional Beaver Dancer.

His Favorite ThingsEdit

Marvin's favorite things are:

  • Parties
  • Bacon
  • Mittens
  • Sugar
  • Dancing
  • TMFC
  • Tuna (His owner)
  • Hanging with Friends